Original Music

Entirely composed*, performed and produced by Curt Carbone at CMC Studios


"Mentality of Greed" by Curt Carbone ©2019 | buy album

Mentality of Greed

so you think - you got it all
then tell me why you're always wanting more - and more
cause everything that you own - what value does it have
without a soul - it don't mean a thing to me

and you know you got the best
if it cost more then you're so sure it is
but the truth is - value's not what you see
the greatest things are free - and can't be bought

the more you get - the more you need
a classic case of emptiness and greed - which leads to
something you can't achieve - a void you can't believe
cause more's not more - mentality of greed within


"Strobe Mode" by Curt Carbone ©2019 | buy album


"Queen of the Night" by Curt Carbone* ©2019 | buy album


"Water on the Brain Pt. 2" by Curt Carbone* | buy album (bonus track)


* Queen of the Night Aria - written by Mozart (0:00-0:26) and Curt Carbone (00:27 to end)
* Water on the Brain Pt.2 - written by Allan Holdsworth (free bonus track - NOT FOR SALE)